Mustache wax – Moka – 1/2oz


The Canadian Redneck “Moka” mustache wax is made with premium quality 100% natural cosmetic grade ingredients. The beeswax we use is provided to us from a local beekeeper. It’s composed of a blend of bio beeswax, bleached beeswax, lanolin, coco butter and also carnauba wax.The smell of the “Moka” mustache wax comes from a clever combination of essential oils of vanilla and coffee followed by an infusion of real coffee. A pleasant light choco/coffee smell . His strong hold will allow you to sculpt your best mustache. Canadian Redneck moka wax used by some of the greatest mustache champion at the 2018 Great American Beard & Moustache Championships.  Eddy Kimmerling (1st place english mustache) from New-York & Brad Petrinec ( 1st place Dali mustache ) from Detroit.    This wax must be warmed before to apply